Southern Wave with CASCO in Eindhoven



Credits Sanne Kabalt © 2017




text for casco @van abbemuseum with the Dutch Art Institute


it seems that we are about to lose what can never be reclaimed. our acts seem frail compared with the power of destruction as we feel there are too many negative forces. we can’t help but to feel hopeless when facing the present circumstances.

on the 26th of april a new moon in taurus invited us to think on healing past wounds / earth / water / financial and social systems are being shaken

compassion arouses one’s senses / releases old ways of thinking / instigates new ways of healing

I am not alone in being overwhelmed by hopelessness and despair. when I listen, I hear the same fears from the one’s around me as everybody’s pain is touched by this greater uncertainty – well-known fears.

we think we must go on, so we raise the barriers that defend us from unbearable pain and in a state of numbness and denial we keep on going.

what if one surrenders / because if you do / if you allow all the greater and more subtle energies drive you / energy will blossom greatly / fueling your desire to act / making your heart and your body move accordingly to unexpected rhythms

fire gallops the air / air fuels fire

on the 10th of may a full moon rises in scorpio / time to go deep / letting go in order to make space for something to shift / we are not treating symptoms but causes / fighting a broken system / exposing ourselves to radical change and unrooting our hearts

we sense that something deep and sweet is missing from our lives but what is it. as the processes of life continue to unfold we might find that life is moved by a power deeper than the power of violence and force.

marches protests demonstrations uprisings / time to nourish and nurture, while digging deep / caring for oneself and the other
full moons are oppositions and bring to light now a sense of urgency and need / understanding where other people are coming from

this full moon is bringing to surface the darkness that is embowed with the light / take it / heal and transform it

the power that comes from within can open up new ways

you are now a shapeless movement that dissolves what it touches / expanding / contracting / all of us / as one / in touch
pisces is our third eye / we say / self-compassion / we say / open up / open up your heart / we say / open up / open up your mind
being alive you’re the tree / the cloud / the rock / in being present you raise a conscious awareness of how you connect to all that’s alive / guided by meditation / intuition / dreams
through those subtleties you create more flow and allow things to be what they are / listen / what resonates?

the forces of destruction seem great to our clouded eyes. against them we have our power to choose – our will, imagination, courage and passion.

full moon energy is more emotional / shivers on all surfaces with its light / what do we really want as individuals and as a collective? / close your eyes / the war in you is the war in me / but why are we in a battlefield? / mars squares neptune in pisces and jupiter in libra / feel the dichotomy of slow versus fast / inside versus outside / stepping carefully / find a balance between the two / feel our way through something while slowing down / integrate head and heart / let your heart guide your actions

we are not separate as we belong to the world and to each other. the energy within us is powerful.

what is stale or toxic can now be transformed

look around / be passionately engaged in life / all the walls that we have built in the past bring us only a false sense of empowrement / it’s the right moment to address past trauma and feelings of disempowerement / to trust others again / acknowledging our fears and breaking down those walls / feeding an inner strenght

long standing patterns demand to be addressed / you’ll find the courage to do that / while you’re stepping in a fully empowering experience of yourself / release what we have outgrown and focus on what we have influence rather than forcing things and struggling what we don’t have any control over / is there any relationship I need to grow out of? / what feels disempowering to me? do I need to make a change? / what does it mean to have long-term commitments? / trust love and genuine desire for deeper connections / let it guide you

when they pierce my heart, my heart unveils me. the I loses its sense and while crying one sees all that happens as a revelation. it transforms the I inequevocaly

this renewal washes over me endlessly and the touch of the wounds makes me shiver with pleasure of having found them. the I caresses the you, becoming aware of all that has come between us.

what propels my sense of attraction or repulsion?

now my body reaches out to them

venus is the ruler of taurus and is currently in aries / we grow more conscious as we are creating our lives / we are the ones creating our lives / so summon more courage / jump into a forward movement while stay true to our values and emotional needs / what are you feeling truly passionate about?

moon nodes may 9th leo aquarius activates the light in your heart / you release dogmatic thinking / arouse group consciousness / you can now be the change you want to see in the world / creating change in alignment with our heart