Southern Wave with CASCO in México



text for casco @cráter invertido with the Dutch Art Institute


2017 accelarates / expect changes even if you offer resistance / observe your body and listen to your desires / this year fire will be ruling our cosmic bodies / it’s time to release / what as kept you grounded will change / with releasing comes transformation / this will be experienced by all of us / time to stop and pay attention to these greater movements / we need to take responsability of our actions / it might happen that we need to reinvent our ways of dealing with others / the fragility of what unites us will come to the surface / rethinking what is truly connecting us with others will make us aware of what it is to be kept and what need to change / death is life / whatever is impeding you from feeling and moving freely / plans should be kept loose / earth is being shaken / it is cracking up on a global scale / touch and realise how vulnerable / wonded

fire will keep us alive and energised / it will keep us warm / bodies on fire / it will make us break through our crocodile’s skins / suffocated we collide / the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus will make us expand and unblock us / releasing hidden inner tensions / when you hear this calling to awake fated encounters will happen / don’t offer resistance / sweet things await us if you learn to follow these energies wherever they are taking us / the disruption you can already sense is happening to show us what keeps us alive / yes, expansion hurts / you sink / pitchblack / you collide / enjoy the pain the suffering the desperation / not knowing where we are at / what comes next / what is this that takes over every living being

dance / loosen up your body / maybe then you will be in touch with everything / don’t fear being lost or unsure / close your eyes / sharp your skin / understand all these magnetic fields / vibrations vibrations vibrations / spread from one body to the other / but what is resonance? / do you feel it?

the heat and the light coming from you / magnetic sun and its gravity / magnetic moon working along with the sun pulling the tides and all the living things / made of water our body breathes in and out / what affects the oceans influences us too

on the 28th be ready for a new moon in aries after a full moon in virgo on the 12th of this month / virgo is about healing the mind and pisces healing the soul / the healing process has just now started and a new moon comes into play / time to rebirth with sun moon mercury venus and uranus in aries / again this fire energy / it opens up the way it goes ahead takes risks

mind the triangle of pluto jupiter and uranus that are now bringing all our fears to the surface / new paths are only possible if we keep on walking / taking new directions / and if you feel certain habits are keeping you stuck / or if you feel you have been tamed / let the horse run into an open endless field / invigorated / alive / new / overcome what constraints you but me patient / it takes time to undo ourselves / to undo what subsumes us / to go deeper on what gives us pleasure / what drives you even if terrifies you

the full moon on the 12th has opened up emotional tensions bringing up your attention to your well-being / how can one find their own rhythm? / float the wave / spread arms legs ribs lungs ears / you have been stagnated / crushed by your own hands / what to do with emotions / flow / all your worries are illusions / float