Queer Dreams

Queer Dreams Project


Queer Dreams is a tool for queer feminist dream interpretation, anchored in a collective writing practice. 
As artists with strong interests in poetics and (self-)care, we see in non-authoritarian dream interpretation countless opportunities to detoxify our daily lives from the weight of white capitalist heteropatriarchy.

Dreams are a multi-layered, non-neutral, politically-charged space that gets activated when our bodies are resting, in a state of unconsciousness. Paying attention to the ways oppressive cultures and environments penetrate our imagination allows us to organically navigate the suffering and violence embedded in our daily lives.

Unlike most mainstream dream interpretation tools, Queer Dreams prioritizes feelings, affects and impressions over fixed symbols and binaries. It invites us to find it within ourselves to reconstruct and make sense of the non-linear narratives that stay with us upon waking up, away from normative assumptions.

As members of a community who, throughout history and into the present day, has been facing marginalization, shame and brutality, we see in Queer Dreams the potential for reconnection to the inner desires and potentialities that link our physical, erotic bodies and our minds.


in collaboration with larose.